Cutting & machining

  Does the layout of your space require furniture with personalized dimensions and shapes? Do you need to make an internal cutout for a specific use?

Ilicut offers a unique custom panel cutting and machining service to help you design your interior fittings. Several types of cuts are possible to meet all your needs:

  • The sizing of your panels in length and width for a rectangular or round/oval shaped panel
  • The external cutouts allow you either to modify the shape of your rectangular panel to create a new one (trapezium, triangle, parallelogram, etc.) or to make a cutout at the edge of the panel. They also allow you to round the corners of your panel according to a radius defined by you.
  • The internal cutouts are made inside your panel, they allow for example to prepare your work plan to embed a hob or a sink, or to create a cable pass cutout in an office
  • The machining of the edges of the panel makes it possible to finalize the personalization of your project. Ilicut offers you a choice of different shapes between straight edges, rounded edges, chamfers, bevels...

The basic services are directly available in our product sheets: sizing, rounded corners, or edge shape. For more complex cutouts (external or internal cutouts, round or oval panel), you will need to use our configurator.

Cutting and machining