Guide to choosing your wood

Wood is a noble and biosourced material that has always been used in construction, interior design and furniture for its aesthetic, technical, ecological and durability qualities. Your choice will be guided by the appearance and color of each essence, but we can also recommend certain essences depending on the use you will have of them. Let yourself be guided…

Choose your wood according to the technical characteristics

If in absolute terms all types of wood can be used for interior fittings, certain particularities can help you choose. The hardness of the wood can be an important selection criterion:

  • Soft woods are fast-growing woods, and therefore full of moisture. Most resinous woods are softwoods: Spruce, Douglas, or even Larch, but there are also some fast-growing hardwoods in this category, such as poplar, birch or even alder. Light but quite fragile, they are to be preferred for non-structural uses: shelves, furniture fronts, claustra, desk tops or small pieces of furniture, etc.
  • Semi-hard to hard woods are much slower growing, characteristic of hardwoods. They are strong, durable and stable. This category includes local species such as Oak, Beech, Maple, Ash, as well as exotic woods such as Acacia, Sipo, Bamboo and Rubber. All uses are possible with semi-hard to hard woods: table or desk tops, worktops, stairs, furniture, etc.
  • In humid rooms (bathroom and kitchen to a lesser extent), we advise you to favor an exotic species known for its resistance to water and humidity.

Choose your wood according to your project

To help you choose a wood that is compatible with your room/project, we have divided our panels and planks into several project categories. Thus, you are sure to make the right choice for your project.

If your project does not belong to these categories, we invite you to consult our Wood panels and planks category where all of our products are listed.

Choose your wood according to aesthetic characteristics

Aesthetics linked to the essence

Beyond the hardness of the wood and its resistance to humidity, it is of course the color and appearance of each species that will guide your choices:

  • Lights shades (Birch, Spruce, Maple, Ash, etc.) will bring light and are widely used in Scandinavian-style decorations.
  • The darker shades (Walnut, Cherry, Acacia, etc.) will bring character to your creations.
  • Oak and Beech are our best sellers because they are very widespread in France. Oak is recognized for its nobility, its longevity, its pronounced veining and its very warm brown hue. Beech is also widely used, its color is lighter, with a pink undertone.

The aesthetics linked to the manufacture of the panels

For the most common species (Oak, Beech, and Ash) several qualities are available:

  • Our panels in Nature quality present strips of heterogeneous wood, with some natural singularities such as sapwood or knots, are butted along the length and laminated across the width.
  • In a Premium quality panel, the boards are also butted lengthwise and laminated across the width, but the appearance of the panel is more homogeneous in color.
  • In a Rustic quality panel, the boards are full length boards laminated across the width, and their rustic quality comes from the presence of certain natural singularities: knots, sapwood, or small pitting
  • A Noble quality panel is produced in the same way as a Rustic panel, but the selection of blades leaves no room for defect.

The choice will be made according to the aesthetics of the panel, and the price.

The finish: essential to ensure the longevity of the wood

Whichever wood you choose, we strongly recommend that you apply a finishing product to nourish and protect your wood panel. To make your life easier, we offer  a professional finishing service.