Oak plank


ILICUT provides DIY enthusiasts with a wide choice of ready-to-use oak wood planks . Depending on your needs, you can choose one of our types of oak planks:

  • • 20 mm thick lumber-cored rustic oak wood planks for shelves, bookcases, storage, desks, etc.
  • • noble-quality lumber-cored oak wood panels of 19, 26 or 40 mm for creating furniture, stairs, etc.
  • • finger-jointed oak wood planks for the creation of kitchen worktops, sink tops for the bathroom, and also for the construction of stairs or many other projects according to your imagination.
  • • rough edged oak timber for your carpentry projects of all kinds...

Oak wood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture and in decoration, thanks to its high density which gives it excellent resistance, its warm yellow-brown colour and especially its characteristic veining, which allows one to distinguish it at a glance.

Maintaining an oak plank

Like any solid wood product, oak planks require the application of a finishing product (oil, varnish, etc.) in order to keep their flatness over time and to be effectively protected against daily aggressions. To make your life easier, we offer an optional oiled finishing service on most of our oak planks. To learn more about wood maintenance, see our article on the main finishing products dedicated to wood.