Our initiative for french forests

In order to strengthen our commitment to the environment, we have been supporting Reforest'Action for a few years. The purpose of this programme is to make as many people as possible aware of the need to protect forest resources, through plantation projects in France and around the world.

Together, we have already contributed to planting more than 4,000 trees in French forests! Thanks very much !

Our projects : 

Reforesting the Deux-Grosnes forest [ONGOING]

ILICUT actively supports a new reforestation project in a forest that has suffered from recent episodes of drought. Located in the village of Deux-Grosnes in Haut Beaujolais, near our workshop, this forest will be restored thanks to the planting of trees of different species, creating a favorable dynamic:

  • Resistance to climate change, diseases, insects
  • Restored landscape
  • Richer and more varied biodiversity
  • Carbon sequestration

Discover the entire project on our Reforest’Action page.

How can you participate with us?

You want to help us restore this forest ?

When your order is confirmed on our site, we offer you the option to plant a tree with us in the Deux-Grosnes forest :  

You donate €1.50, and so do we. Together we plant a tree (cost of planting a tree = €3 incl. tax). 

Reforesting the Norolles forest [GOAL ACHIEVED]

Thanks to our action and your donations, we have already financed the reforestation of the Norolles forest, located near Deauville in Normandy. This forest was attacked by a disease, ash dieback, which had decimated many trees. Our action has made it possible to restore a healthy and more resilient forest thanks to the planting of new hardwood species, also helping to preserve biodiversity in the long run.

Thanks to your donations, we have already planted 3 347 trees in the Norolles forest and contributed to: 

  •  Storing 502 tonnes of CO2
  • Creating 10 041 shelters for animals
  • Generating 13 388 months of oxygen
  • Creating 3 347 hours of work

Find the Norolles project on our Reforest'Action page.