Storage precautions

How to properly store your solid wood products?

Since wood is a living material, here are some tips for greater satisfaction!

  • • Your wood should be stored in a clean and dry location, 
  • • Wood (panels, edged timber, brackets, etc.) must be stored flat, without direct contact with the ground (e.g. on brackets),
  • • If you have to store several panels, separate each panel with brackets to allow air circulation on all faces,
  • • If you have to store brackets, we recommend that you do not undo the ties that hold them together. Wait until the last moment to avoid deformations,
  • • If you have to store flooring, do not undo the ties for the same reasons. 
Afterwards, do not forget to apply a finish to all the edges of your product in order to prevent moisture absorption and, later, deformation or detachment.

What to do in the event of a deformation of a panel?

Our panels are flat when shipped; if you notice a deformation when opening your package, it is because during transport or during its storage before use, the wood has absorbed moisture, resulting in the shrinking or expansion of the wood fibres, which manifests in the deformation of your panel.

Above all, don't panic; you can make it flat again by following these instructions:

  • • Place your panel on brackets so that air circulates on all faces,
  • • There’s no point in placing heavy weights on it, and this risks damaging it irreparably.

Tip :

  • To speed up the process, you can put a heat source under your panel (electric heater; be careful not to put it too close). In this case, the concave face of your panel must be facing upwards and the convex face should face towards the heat source (see diagram).
  • If your panel is deformed with the convex face up and you do not use a heat source, then we advise you to turn it over (if you leave it in the same room) so that the reverse process of deformation takes place. 
Generally, after 4 to 5 days, your panel will have regained its original flatness. Be patient, as it may take more days to return to normal depending on the thickness of the panel, wood species, and the hygrometry of the room. Let nature work on the wood!